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Open your own gelateria with Toomies Peppa Pig Bubble Ice Cream Maker baby bath toy. With this play-set we are open for business! Encourage imaginative play and water confidence with this fun "ice-cream" making machine.

Kids can concoct their own foam ice creams simply by dripping a few drops of bubble bath into the cornet at the top. Then, add water and pull the lever to watch the ice cream gracefully come out. Just like in a real gelateria! This pretend play toy set includes three flat-bottomed cones designed to sit steadily on the sides of the bath, ready to add pretend sprinkles from the shaker to your liking. No batteries needed! Gift Toomies Peppa Pig Ice Cream Maker and encourage role play, language development and hours of fun at bath time! Toddlers love watching as the ice cream fluffs and bubles up in the cone before their eyes. Suitable for babies and children from 18 months and up. Includes 1 x Peppa Pig Ice Cream Maker, 1 x sprinkle shaker, 3 x plastic ice-cream cones


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