What's squishy, sticky and totally fun? Splat 'Ems™ figures in a Minions: The Rise of Gru construction themed play set. You'll laugh as you launch the Minions through the air and see them bounce and stick. Aim for targets, or send them bouncing around themed play areas. The Minions love to build and destroy – and this set has multiple ways to do that. Shoot for the hoop, send a Minion tumbling down the stairs or hit the pipe and roll down. This Splat 'Ems™ set includes two mini Minions, a launcher, sticky targets, and lots of play areas. More Minions are more fun, so collect our other Splat 'Ems™ figures and add their cards. Slide them into the grooves on the play set to expand the target area and fire away. This portable set stores everything inside, too, so you can bring the Minions fun with you. Also choose our soon to come Kung Fu set and launch into martial arts action and laughs. Other Splat 'Ems™ mini figure packs and play sets sold separately, subject to availability. Colors, decorations and dimensions may vary.


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