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Behold -a collector-level Steve action figure designed especially for adults in the Minecraft Community! This Diamond Level Steve is crafted in a 5.5-iinch Collector Scale and comes with a real die-cast metal Iron Armor and Sword that can be removed.

Pixel perfect colors and textures adorn his head and body. This master work is sure to become highly sought after and the centerpiece of any Minecraft collection. Colors and decorations may vary.

This 5.5-inch scale Diamond Level Steve figure takes Minecraft collecting to new heights!

Action figure is poseable with fine design and personality details unique to the pixelated world of Minecraft.

Includes an exclusive 6-piece die-cast metal Armor and Sword.

Remove Steve’s Sword and use the Minecraft block (included) to plug the hole in his hand!

Made especially for adults in the Minecraft Community who love displaying their devotion to the game.



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