Drive environmental awareness with the Matchbox™ MBX Electric Drivers™ 12-Pack! This multipack features 12 die-cast replicas of the hottest e-vehicles to roam the streets such as the 2020 Tesla Roadster, 2018 Nissan Leaf, 2020 Honda E, ’09 International eStar, Levc TX Taxi and MBX™ Self-Driving Bus™.
Each is 1:64 scale and made from recycled zinc, and the entire set comes in plastic-free packaging that is fully recyclable with a compostable inner tray. Matchbox™ vehicles encourage independent exploration through push-around play and make a great gift for collectors and kids 3 years old and older. Colors and decorations may vary.
The Matchbox™ MBX Electric Drivers™ 12-Pack celebrates the innovative style of electric-powered vehicles with a multipack of popular EVs.
The set includes 1:64 scale die-cast versions of the Tesla Model Y, 2018 Nissan Leaf, 2015 BMW i3, ’15 BMW i8, MBX Mini Cargo Truck™ and ’09 International® eStar – all made from recycled zinc.
The recognizable sports cars, trucks and buses from everyday life inspire adventures that are rooted in realism.
As part of the Matchbox™ commitment to sustainability, the set comes in recyclable plastic-free packaging with the vehicles secured in a home-compostable inner tray. 
Collectors and kids 3 years old and up will love this variety pack for the authentic details and creative adventures the vehicles inspire.


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