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Peter Parker suits up in alien symbiote gear to become Venomized Spider-Man or Symbiote Spider-Man.
Spider-Man is now Venomized with this figure based on the Spider-Man Maximum Venom series! Kids can suit up this classic Spider-Man figure in a black “venomized” suit or in a grey and black “symbiote” suit for an alien adventure. It’s 3 different takes on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Figure also makes sounds and says phrases based on the Disney XD series. “I’ve got to get this Venom stuff off now before it becomes too powerful!” Kids can attach the included web projectile accessory to the figure’s wrist, load in a projectile (included) and fire it as they imagine action-filled battles in the world of Spider-Man Maximum Venom! 
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TALKING SPIDER-MAN FIGURE WITH SOUNDS AND PHRASES: “Am I controlling this suit or is it controlling me?!” Spider-Man says cool phrases. “I’m coming for you, Venom!” 
3-IN-1 SPIDER-MAN WITH VENOMIZED AND SYMBIOTE GEAR: The sinister symbiote takes over! This 12-Inch Spider-Man figure includes both black Venomized gear and grey and black Symbiote gear. Suit up in either one for an adventure!  
INCLUDES WRIST-MOUNTED WEB PROJECTILE ACCESSORY: Connect the Spider-Man web projectile blaster to figure’s wrist and load a projectile (included) to fire at enemies! 
INSPIRED BY THE ANIMATED SHOW: Spider-Man Max Venom figures and roleplay accessories are inspired by the animated show on Disney XD!
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