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Glow up your dreams with Glowies Fireflies – the ultimate sleeping buddy! Glowies are the super soft Fireflies that glow in the dark as well as playing soothing lullabies and sounds. Children will just love to cuddle their Glowies friend as they drift off to sleep. Snuggle up with Glowies and dream peacefully all night long! Squeeze your Glowies Fireflies and their tail will light up with a soft warm glow – perfect as a soothing night light at bedtime.

There is also other glow in the dark elements on the wings, eyes, antenna, and button that help provide an overall glowing effect at bedtime. Simply place your Glowies in natural daylight during the day to collect sunlight, then come bedtime your firefly is ready to glow! Glowies Fireflies have inbuilt music and sounds to sooth little ones to sleep.

3 Soothing Lullabies will provide the perfect bedtime tune to drift off peacefully to sleep. And 2 gentle sound effects, including nature sounds, will offer comforting background noise helping little ones to relax after a busy day.

Glowies Fireflies has a clever in-built timer that can be set to 15 or 30 minutes so that the lighting and music will automatically switch off after the chosen time. The Ideal function for parents so there is no need to go back and disturb your little one once they are asleep.

The perfect gift for Children aged 12 months plus. 



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