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With a twist on classic The Game of Life gameplay, every player gets a pet in this fur baby-loving edition of the game. Who is destined for big things? Players move their car token from Start to Retirement on the gameboard.
Choose a path … college or career? Then grow a family and collect people and pet pegs along the way. Pass a Payday space and earn the salary shown on a Career or College Career card. Land on Payday and receive a $100K bonus! In this group game for up to 4 players, players can Spin to Win for a chance at $200K! Spend cash wisely because the richest player wins!
The Game of Life board game is a fun thing to do while staying at home and a great indoor game for kids ages 8 and up. It makes an exciting pick for game night or a homeschool activity. 

PICK YOUR PATH: College or career? In this fun board game for families and kids, players experience lots of life’s action and unexpected moments. (Surprise, you’re having twins!) 
REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCES: Like real life, The Game of Life game is full of major moments and milestones. Move from Start to Retirement navigating all the twists and turns of this board game
ADOPT PETS: In this The Game of Life game, every player receives a pet! You might even adopt more furry friends in this game night favorite that features instant set-up and easy play
WEALTHIEST PLAYER WINS: Where will The Game of Life game take you? Family life in the suburbs? A high-powered career in the city? Either way, the player with the most money in the end wins
GAME FOR 2 OR MORE PLAYERS: The Game of Life group game is great for parties, Family Game Night, or homeschool fun. Plus, it makes an exciting indoor activity for kids ages 8 and up


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