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The Legends of Akedo Giants are back and ready to "Unleash the Beast"!  Enegrized with animal instincts, these Giants are SUPER SIZED and eager to unleash the wrath of their beastly attack.  It's time to battle with Titan Flyswat! Wearing armor made from horned skulls, Titan Flyswat is fast striking, especially when it comes to feeding on flies!  Titan Flyswats fists are full of might for the perfect split strike!  He is also equipped with double the defence with Double Strike Armor! If he is hit once during battle his armor explodes off his body, then he needs to be hit again to defeat him with an epic Split Strike! 
Collect all 4 NEW Akedo "Beast Strike" Battle Giants including: Gold Tusk, White Paw, Shadow Roach and Titan Flyswat! Do you have what it takes to become a legend of Akedo? Ready, Fight, Split Strike!

Beast Strike Battle Giants
Introducing the latest Legends of Akedo Battle Giants! They are SUPER SIZED and SUPER POWERFUL and are SUPER BEAST LIKE! These AKEDO "Beast Strike" Battle Giant Warriors are sure to provide next level battling intensity and action!
4 New Giants
The are 4 NEW "Beast Strike" Battle Giants to collect and battle with in Season 5 ! Giants include: Gold Tusk, Shadow Roach, White Paw & Titan Flyswat.
Double Defence Armor
Titan Flyswat is equipped with Double Strike Armor providing him with an additional layer of defence in battle !  Opponents will first have to hit the armor off Titan Flywat to be able to split strike him!  The Double Strike Armor is a unique and exciting feature of the Battle Giants, adding an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the battling realm of Akedo!
Button Bash Controller
Included in the Beast Strike Giants Pack is Titan Flyswat and 1 Button Bush Controller!  The pack provides kids with everything they need to challenge their friends as they battle to become the "Ultimate Arcade Warrior"! Ready, Fight, Split Strike! 


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