🎄 Christmas Delivery: Find Out More 🎄

Jolly Snowdrift delivers things all around Sylvanian Village. Whether it's presents or food, heavy things or even a lost child or two, no job is too difficult for Jolly! But he's a bit forgetful, so sometimes he delivers things to the wrong place!
Elm Snowdrift works together with Jolly on deliveries. She's even stronger than Jolly! She's good at coming up with ideas—when there's a difficult delivery, it's Elm who has the answer!
Luis Snowdrift loves Christmas—he wears his Santa hat all year round, and always asks "How many days is it until Christmas?" He wants to help his mum and dad with their work, so he puts things on the sled and pretends it's a delivery van.
Eve Snowdrift loves Christmas decorations. She's always saying "Can I put this on one of the trees?" The trees around the Reindeer family's house are full of the oddest decorations.



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