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The In Home Electronic Microwave Playset allows your child to explore the world of cooking and microwave magic, sparking their imagination and creativity. Order this exciting playset today and let the culinary adventures begin! Ages 3 and up

Key Features:

Electronic Microwave Magic: The In Home Electronic Microwave Playset features a lifelike electronic microwave that mirrors the real thing. Your child can place their favorite play food inside, close the door, and watch in awe as the microwave comes to life.

Realistic Beeping Sounds: To make playtime even more immersive, this microwave emits realistic beeping sounds, just like the microwave in your kitchen. The authentic sounds create a lifelike cooking experience that will delight your child.

LCD Display: This playset boasts an LCD display that adds a touch of realism to the cooking process. Your child can set the cooking time and watch as the numbers countdown, enhancing their imaginative play and introducing them to the concept of time management.

Complete Playset: The In Home Electronic Microwave Playset includes a delectable assortment of play food, including 1 hamburger, 1 hot dog, 1 drumstick, and 1 bag of popcorn. Your child can "cook" these items in the microwave, fostering creativity and culinary exploration.



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