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Play In Under 10 Minutes: In The Mood To Play The Monopoly Game But Don'T Have A Lot Of Time? Players Can Actually Finish The Monopoly Speed Board Game In Less Than 10 Minutes
Play In Timed Rounds: This Quick-Playing Monopoly Board Game Is Played In Rounds. The Timer Counts Down Each Round'S Buying Stage And Trading Stage
Everyone Buys At Once: No Need To Wait Your Turn! Each Player Has A Token And Matching Die. During The Buying Stages, Everyone Rolls And Buys At The Same Time
Super Fast Trading: Chance Cards Help Players Wheel And Deal During Each Trading Stage. Get Bonuses At The End Of The Game With Community Chest Cards
Fun Family Game: When You Have The Need For Speed, Play The Monopoly Speed Board Game! What A Great Way To Bring Family And Friends Together Even When Pressed For Time
Game For 2-4 Players - Ages 8 +



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