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​Fans of Minecraft can bring the video game world to life with this collection of role-play toys. Choose between a life-sized Diamond Sword and Enchanted Pickaxe! Whether fending off evil mobs with the sword or mining blocks with the pickaxe, kids will have a blast with these role-play accessories. Gamers will want to collect them both to play out their own Minecraft adventures in real life! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.


​Bring the world of Minecraft to life with life-sized accessories for video game role-play!

​Choose from the Diamond Sword and the Enchanted Pickaxe!

​Both items have a pixelated design iconic to the game!

​Minecraft fans will love the excitement of playing out video game scenarios in the real world

​Games will want to collect both the Sword and Pickaxe to create cool Minecraft scenes together (each sold separately, subject to availability)


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