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The galactic quest for real Gems continues with Treasure X - Aliens - Glow In The Dark! With 12 new Alien Hunters to collect! Inside the intergalactic chamber is sealed 3 new species of alien to dissect and collect.
Follow the mission objectives to dissect the aliens, save the Hunters and find their treasure! Release the alien from his Cryo Chamber, then slowly dissect the alien belly to save the Treasure Hunter! Don't forget to look out for the rib cage, gut critter and the "Glow In The Dark" ooze within! Within each alien body, you will also find an included weapon and a treasure which could be the rare space gem! These gems are actually known as ?peridot, ' some of which have been found in meteorites! So your gem could actually be from outer space!!
Once you've finished the dissection, you can store the ooze in the container provided or squish it in the alien's head and watch it squelch out of the eyes, mouth and nose! With a dissection process that is out of this world, the chance to find real space gems and a whole new galaxy of 12 more Treasure Hunter action figures to discover and collect, the Treasure X Aliens Single Pack is the most ultimate play experience in the universe! Please note: As this item is an assortment we cannot guarantee a specific style, please let us choose on your behalf or state your preference in the comments section and we will do our best.


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