Evolve Nemesis Hot Rod to the terrifying Rodimus Unicronus
When Autobot Hot Rod is corrupted by the dark power of the Matrix of Chaos, he evolves to Rodimus Unicronus. This Power of the Primes Leader Class Evolution Rodimus Unicronus figure lets you create that same sinister evolution. Use the included converting Evolution Armor to evolve from a 5.5-inch scale Deluxe Class Nemesis Hot Rod figure to a 9-inch scale Leader Class Rodimus Unicronus figure. The included Matrix of Chaos accessory fits inside the figure's chest. The Matrix of Chaos accessory also holds Prime Master figures (each sold separately). Swap out the Matrix's core and swap in a Prime Master figure to imagine giving Rodimus Unicronus the incredible godlike powers of a Prime. The Rodimus Unicronus figure converts to vehicle mode in 28 steps. The Nemesis Hot Rod figure converts from robot to sports car in 14 steps. See if you can master the detailed conversion of a Leader Class figure.

Works with Prime Master Figures
Power of the Primes Leader Class figures work with Prime Master figures (not included, each sold separately, subject to availability). Prime Master figures can fit inside the included Matrix of Chaos accessory, then be placed inside the figure's chest. Collect more Prime Master characters and imagine Rodimus Unicronus receiving not only the destructive power granted by the Matrix of Chaos, but also the godlike abilities contained within the Prime Masters. Learn how Rodimus Unicronus would use these amazing powers with the included collectible character card. Prime Master figures are each sold separately, subject to availability.

Servant of Darkness and Chaos
Rodimus Unicronus, aka Rodimus Cron, operates as a weapon of chaos. He eliminates anyone who stands in his way without hesitation, and without regard for consequence. With the dark energy of Unicron following through his spark, Rodimus Cron fears no mortal and answers only to his master. Turned against all he once stood for, the Autobot formerly known as Hot Rod now lives for a single purpose: destroy the Matrix of Leadership and any bot who bears it.


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