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Want to know how to braid your hair like a pro? No problem! Hair Braiding has everything you need to master fishtail braids, Dutch braid, waterfall braids, and more! How about something special for your BFF? Easy! Check out friendship bracelets to learn all about different friendship-bracelet styles and colours! Feel a bit flat? Perk yourself up with Pom-Pom Pets – learn how to make your own pom-poms and turn them into adorable pets! Stuck for party decorations? Pretty Origami Decorations has you covered – create some cool underwater wall art, a fabulous heart frame, or some perfect party-dress bunting! Or just use your amazing painting skills and impress your friends and family with Nail Art and Rock Painting! No matter what kind of craft you love, there’s something for you in Super Cute Craft! Ages 6-12.


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