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Dribble, Tackle, Pass, Shoot and SCORE with Soccerborg! Soccerborg combines the competition and thrill of &lsquo, the beautiful game&rsquo, with innovative RC technology that puts you in control of the action! The remote lets you move your Soccerborg forward, backward, right, left and even includes a trim button for micro adjustments. There are also two distinct types of kicks. The right leg kicks the ball along the ground while the left leg chips it up into the air. Which one will you choose to score a goal for your team? Each Soccerborg package comes with 2 robots, 4 bumpers, 2 balls, 2 remote controls, 2 goals and 1 fun sticker pack that lets you customize your robots. Soccerborg&rsquo, s 2 robots and 2 remote controls require a total of 10 AAA batteries. (not included)&nbsp, Combine sets with friends and you can play with up to 22 robots at the same time!


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