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Pippa Melon is ready to roll out on her fruity scooter with some frosty friends! She treats all her Shopkins like they are family… because they are! - Meet the Frosty-Pops! They always look chilled because coolness runs in their family! 
Inside the Family Mini Pack is a set of Frosty-Pops twins waiting to say hello. Which set with you get?
Meet Pippa Melon. As warm as a Summers day, it’s always refreshing to meet someone as cool as Pippa Melon. Always natural and easygoing, she’s never upset by what others say – You could say she’s very thick skinned! This girl has big dreams when it comes to gardening! Pippa Melon's Frosty Pops Scooter also comes with a Scooter, Pippa Melon Doll, 5 Shopkins, a Mini Pack, a Dolls Stand and a Shoppies VIP card containing a code to unlock VIP access and Rewards in the Shopkins World app!


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