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Here at Really RAD Robots, we build robots to suit your needs.
Like MiBro, your really rad buddy! He speaks for you, spies for you, plays with you and serves you. He'll impress your friends. He'll save the day. And YakBot, your back chattin' buddy! He records, warps, rolls and pranks! And, he's got all the answers. Really RAD Robots, hard wired for fun.

Record, Playback and Warp!
YakBot can record and playback a message that’s up to 10seconds long! Record a message and play it back for your friends using one of YakBot’s 4 cool filter effects – Pitch Shift, Reverse, Robot or Echo. Or play pranks on your parents and friends by using the Warp feature on YakBot’s head to change the pitch of your voice. 

Ask Yak Bot Anything!
YakBot has an answer for everything! Ask YakBot a question and wait for his RAD response – will he answer your question or say something unrelated to keep you on your toes?! To have the most fun with this feature, YakBot responds best to YES/NO outcome answers!  

Prank Your Friends!
Use YakBot to prank your friends and family with the Time Blast Prank. Set the timer off on YakBot, listen for the countdown and take cover before the blast goes off. Use the Time Blast prank to challenge your friends to a game of Hot Potato – who will be eliminated when the blast goes off?! 

Self Righting!
Roll YakBot and watch him always land eyes up! With YakBot’s durable outer shell and self-righting feature, you can record your message and roll YakBot to your friend to playback a secret message! Or use YakBot’s roll feature to play hot potato with the Time Blast prank! The fun is unlimited with YakBot – how will you play?

Choking Hazard - Toy contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years
Ages 5 and up


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