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Meet Turbo Bot - Really RAD Robot's Speed Machine! A fast moving robot with a fast talking mouth, this guy is full of personality and tricks, and comes with over 60 functions and sounds! Take hold of the multi function RAD Remote and take Turbo for a spin. Turbo's remote is full of features including a "Turbo" Boost" button! Switch to "Turbo Mode" and check out why this Robot matches it's name! Turbo even has Crash recognition! Turbo knows when it has hit something and can change direction! With voice command you can tell Turbo what to do or just chat with him! Tell him to "Spin", "Dance", "Explore" or even get him to tell you a joke! Turbo is full of personality! With a databank of cool sound effects and expressive light up eyes, Turbo loves to make you laugh! With record and playback feature Turbo can record a message and playback to trick, prank and surprise your friends. Take control! It's time to roll with Turbo! 5+


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