Arturo was born in Mexico City and began painting in watercolour at the age of 12 before moving on to oils and acrylics and taking workshops with masters of landscape painting.

From a young age he has been attracted by the architecture around him: the majestic domes of convents and churches, the arches of the patios, the fountains, full of life!

He enjoys visiting magical towns of Mexico, for example, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Peña de Bernal in Queretaro, Cholula, Puebla, and more. He particularly loves the colonial streets and the differing styles of architecture of each.

He enjoys the colours, shapes and textures that nature provides, observing the fields, the far-reaching horizons, often amazed by skies that are occasionally passive, sometimes romantic and at other times furious and purple, warning of an approaching deluge.

Arturo has always thought that the ability to paint stems not only from the painter's hand but also from his eyes, observing every detail. Then becomes the challenge to translate that observation onto a blank canvas."

His work has been shown in various collective exhibitions in both Guadalajara and Mexico City.

There are 4 titles is this new puzzle series - All 1000 pieces and are 500 x 700 mm


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