🎄 Christmas Delivery: Find Out More 🎄

Pikmi Pops Surprise have just got a hole lot sweeter! Say hello to DoughMis! Inside the large donut case is one of the sweetest Jumbo Scented plush donuts you will meet! But not only will you find a giant delicious 10 inch plush donut but hiding inside is also 1, 2 or 3 surprises! How many will you find! Each Jumbo DoughMis also comes with a surprise message and a dangler string so you can hang your DoughMis wherever you like. There are 4 Jumbo DoughMis to collect all with different looks, materials and scents. Cuddle them, hug them, love them! Collect them all and stack them with the other DoughMiss to make the cutest DoughMis tower! There are so many ways to collect and play with DoughMis! 1 x Jumbo Scented Donut Plush 1 x Large Donut Vessel 1 x Surprise Item 1 x Surprise Message 1 x Collector's Guide 1 x Donut Van Stand .


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