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OMG! Have you ever seen a more adorable Yorkie puppy?
I'm a bundle of fur who doesn’t stop but when you do manage to catch me I love to be cuddled and stroked. Even though I'm just pup, I think I'm just so grown up! I know what I want and I usually get it!
OMG Pets are a range of "Sooo Soft" interactive puppy toys that look and sound so real! Pick me up and I'll come to life in your hands! I'm a squishy, wriggly and jiggly puppy. I love to be pet and cuddled. Pat the top of my head and I'll make adorable lifelike puppy sounds. Every OMG Pets little live puppy has over 15 sounds and reactions! We love attention and if you leave your puppy alone for a while, I'll even  cry out to be fed! I have a bottle included so that you can take care of me and feed me. Put the bottle in my mouth and hear me suckle, and when I've finished, take the bottle out and you'll hear me make very satisfied puppy noises. The bottle doesn't just help feed your puppy, it will also magically tell you if your new pup is a boy or a girl by changing color when dipped in warm water! Which OMG puppy pet will you get? There are so many different dog breeds available including Poodles, Beagles, German Shepherds, French Bulldogs, Huskies, Dalmatians and Labradors, and me, a sweet, sassy and squishy little Yorkshire Terrier puppy! You'll want to collect a whole litter of OMG pets! I even have my own birth certificate for you to fill in so you can give me a name. OMG Pets interactive lifelike puppies  are the softest, squishiest handful of fun, and sweet new best friends. Once you've picked me up, you won't want to let me go!


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