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Become an investigator in a thrilling murder mystery when you immerse yourself into the Hunt A Killer Mystery Game - DEAD BELOW DECK! Stewardess Rachel Veinson has been murdered at sea aboard a yacht and her friend Jen is the only person who believes her death wasn't an accident. She has air-mailed you this package and is begging you to catch Rachel's killer. Can you bring the murderer to justice before the yacht ports and the killer escapes? Use the realistic evidence and documents enclosed to complete a timeline of the crime and eliminate suspects based on means, motive, and opportunity. DEAD BELOW DECK can be played solo or with friends. It has a 2/5 difficulty rating so it's perfect for puzzle game beginners​! Ideal for 1 to 5 players age 14+.

So Immersive!
Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Hunt a Killer Mystery: DEAD BELOW DECK as you step aboard a luxury yacht, feeling the suspense and tension of a murder mystery set at sea.
The rich and suspenseful storyline, filled with unexpected twists and turns, keeps you on the edge of your seat, ensuring an immersive experience that will leave you fully engrossed in the thrilling hunt for the killer.
Put On Your Detective Hat!
Delve into the role of a seasoned detective as you meticulously solve puzzles and analyze compelling evidence to piece together a precise crime timeline, unearthing the hidden truth behind the murder mystery on this luxury yacht.
Employ your critical thinking and deductive skills to eliminate suspects one by one, examining their means, motive, and opportunity, as you navigate through the intricate web of clues including video of witness statements, and unravel the secrets of the case.
Crack The Codes
Immerse yourself in the thrill of solving a wide range of captivating puzzles, from cracking intricate locked codes to decoding Morse code messages, interpreting walkie-talkie 10-codes, and even unravelling the mysteries of a cryptic glyph language. Each task bringing you one step closer to unravelling the intricate layers of the mystery and ultimately identifying the elusive killer.
For 1 to 5 Players
Whether you prefer to embark on this gripping adventure alone or collaborate with your family and friends, Hunt a Killer Mystery: DEAD BELOW DECK offers a flexible gameplay experience that accommodates both solo and group play.
Ideal for Beginners
Hunt a Killer Mystery: DEAD BELOW DECK provides an ideal challenge for puzzle game beginners. With a 2/5 difficulty rating, it offers an accessible and engaging experience for those new to the genre. You can dive into the excitement of solving the mystery without feeling overwhelmed, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of piecing together clues and uncovering the truth at a comfortable pace.


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