Start building your epic Track Builder world with this amazing box with an impressive piece count. Perfect for open-ended stunting and experimenting and customizing. Comes with 10 feet of track, connectors, launcher, Hot Wheels vehicle and a Stunt Box. It's all about the crazy loop action you can create! The lid and bin are integrated into the play in a big way! It has 8 places to connect track on the lid and the bottom of the bin has 2 scoring buckets built in plus a place to connect track. Conquer the mega loop stunt, double loop challenge or the loop 'n launch showdown -- there are countless variations for re-configurability and includes a "Builder's Guide" to drive creativity. Track Builder is all about experimenting and developing skills that drive problem solving and crank up the competition! The box is the ultimate storage solution and it's portable! The set is also brick compatible with pockets on the lid to build up anything you can imagine! Many of the items in the Multi Loop Box have more than one use, so kids can keep their imaginations --and their tracks --growing with a series of nearly endless configurations. Connects to other sets and track. Enhance your builds with household items like red cups, paper tubes, books, and more. Challenge Accepted!


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