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News travels fast in the Goo Goo Galaxy™! More Goo Drops from the Goopanova Star System have made it to Earth in search of new best friends! Meet Pink Blink. This adorable Goo Drop is all about love! With her heart shaped antennae, she is full of intergalactic loving feels! During her long journey from her home star, Pink Blink activated her "Inner Glow" and now she's ready to transmit that special power to you. Squeeze her squishy, sparkly, slime-filled body and watch as different colored lights flash inside her glittery galaxy belly! The lights can flash fast and slow, and the color it lands on indicates the special power that Pink Blink wants to share with you! Unbox Pink Blink's Goo Pod to discover her 'Inter-GOO-lactic Passport' telling you all about her unique story and the amazing planet she has travelled from. There are 3 more super cute and collectible Goo Drops dolls to meet. Discover their different powers and personalities as you watch their lights flash and glow inside their glittery, goo-filled bellies! These soft and squishy, bright and shiny, super sweet characters make the perfect sensory toy. With Goo Drop intergalactic friendship dolls you'll discover – it's what's inside that counts!


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