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Globber's LEARNING BIKE 3in1 is the only walking bike on the market that has 4 built-in steering modes, thanks to Globber's patented steering system:

Direction locked: the product can only move forward and backward.
Classic hand steering mode: the product can turn by moving the handlebars by hand navigation.
Lean-to-steer mode: the product can turn by leaning into the direction (left or right) your child wants to turn.
Lean-to-steer & classic hand steering mode: the product can be used with classic hand steering and lean-to-steer to control the steering & T-bar turning direction.

RIDE-ON, LEARNING BIKE & WALKING BIKE FOR TODDLERS - 3 different modes to help you to easily get around with your little one, while also allowing them to develop all necessary motor skills for up to 20kg.
FAST MOTOR SKILLS’ DEVELOPMENT FOR TODDLERS- 4 different riding modes, so Toddlers will improve their coordination and develop balance in no time! Removable footrest for added comfort. 
ADJUSTABLE TODDLER WALKING BIKE-The 2-height adjustable saddle, with anti-slip TPR, and curved handlebars with TPR ergonomic grips offer maximum comfort for your toddler. Also with a 2-height adjustable parent handle.
REAR ROTATIVE SYSTEM FOR SAFE RIDES- Comes with a rear rotative system, allowing the product's rear wheels to turn according to the front wheels' movement for safe, stable rides.
HIGH-QUALITY WHEELS- 2 x 150mm front EVA foam wheels & 2 x 150mm rear EVA foam wheel subassembly.
Saddle heights: 24.2 / 26.2cm from the ground, Parent handle heights: 88 / 93cm from the ground


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