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Flutter Friends are birds that interact with kids and each other! Pet the hummingbird's head or back to unlock over 40 realistic hummingbird sounds!?Each tap will activate a variety of movement and sounds!?Each Flutter Friend features soft, shimmery wings kids will love! Kids can tap their Flutter Friend's head once to turn them on, tap their head twice to activate different sounds and tweets, and tap their head three times to unlock musical tweets!?Kids can even help their Flutter Friend learn to fly by tapping their back twice.?Their Flutter Friend will open their wings as she is guided through the air!?
Each bird comes with a flower feeder accessory - just place your Flutter Friend's beak in the feeder and let go.?The hummingbird balances on the flower and flaps their wings as they eat!?Flutter Friends perch easily on kids' fingers or on the flower's branch so kids can take them along wherever they go.?
Flutter Friends even interact with each other!?Just clap or snap and each Flutter Friend will flap their wings and tweet along with their friends.?When it's time for Flutter Friends to rest, tap and hold her head for 3 seconds to put her to sleep.?Kids will love to care for and play with these life-like flying friends - just like a real pet!?Flutter Friends come in a variety of colours, so kids can collect and create their own Flutter world!?Each bird sold separately.?Ages 5+ ?


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