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OPEN THE DOORS TO THE GOLDEN ARCHIVE. This 6-inch scale, premium Doric action figure is part of the action figures and collectibles inspired by Dungeons & Dragons lore and entertainment from nearly 50 years. Featuring the deco, articulation, and poseability one expects from Hasbro collectible figures with the characters, classes, and species you love from D&D.

6-INCH SCALE DORIC ACTION FIGURE: Featuring premium deco and multiple points of articulation for your display or play adventures

INCLUDES CHARACTER-INSPIRED ACCESSORY: D&D dice are the D&D accessories of choice for boring humans, but this Druid comes with an item befitting her class

INSPIRED BY THE DUNGEONS & DRAGONS MOVIE: A shapeshifting Tiefling Druid who makes her home with the Elves of the forest, Doric fights to protect the natural world from those who would destroy it.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS HONOR AMONG THIEVES: Is part of the many realms of D&D, the World’s Greatest Roleplaying Game

ROLL A PERCEPTION CHECK TO FIND MORE D&D GOLDEN ARCHIVE FIGURES: More 6-inch action figures means more D&D gifts. Each sold separately. Subject to availability.


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