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Fans and collectors will love this special twist on one of their favourite Disney heroines, dressed in a contemporary style. Each doll in this series is an amazing addition to collectors' Disney collection, offering a modern twist on each Disney Princess's classic style.

Starring Disney's Style Series! Beloved disney princess jasmine is stepping out of the movies and into the modern world in a beautifully designed dress that blends contemporary elegance and her iconic style from the animated favourite, Aladdin. Fans will delight in collecting this stunning doll, Number 13cm the series, with a style inspired by her bold personality.

Jasmine sparkles like Agrabah's star-speckled sky in this contemporary style, designed with her bold personality in mind. Her gown features a vivacious design in turquoise and blue, with geometric earrings, gold booties, and a gold belt that really make a statement. Her purse is inspired by the oval gem on her headband in the movie, harkening back to her origin and tying the ensemble together. Her flowing black hair will remind fans of their favourite adventurous Princess from Disney's classic movie, Aladdin.



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