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BEYBLADE BURST COMPETITIVE BATTLING TOP: Includes right-spin Beyblade Burst Turbo Asteroid Zeutron Z3 DR65 TS05 stamina type top and SwitchStrike left/right-spin launcher.

SWITCHSTRIKE FEATURES: Asteroid Zeutron Z3 Energy Layer -- weight balance. TS05 Performance Tip -- independent spinning disc.

TOPS "BURST" IN BATTLE: Beyblade Burst Turbo tops can "burst" into pieces in battle (burst rates vary). Inspired by the Beyblade Burst anime series!

COMPETE IN DIGITAL BATTLES: Scan code on Beyblade Burst SwitchStrike top's Energy Layer to unleash the top in battle and mix and match with other components in the Beyblade Burst app. Let it rip!

AGES 8 AND UP: Beyblade Burst toys for kids ages 8 years old and up to collect, customize, and compete! Beyblade Burst tops' components are interchangeable with some Beyblade Burst tops except Beyblade Burst Rip Fire tops. Two-Part Forge Disc is compatible with other Two-Part Forge Discs.


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