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The totally tubular Barbie Rewind™ doll series continues with the 80s, commemorating our fave pop-culture looks from the decade. Featuring a movie night theme, nostalgic details and an over-the-top look, this series is instantly collectible. Each doll sold separately, subject to availability.​ Barbie® doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.
The Barbie Rewind™ series is a love letter to the 80s, and this movie night doll is a way cool addition! Forget big screen actors because Barbie® is the real star at movie night!
Our movie-goer wears a graphic tee with a peplum overshirt and speckled biker shorts. No matter the length of the ticket line, she’s prepared in her leg warmers and hot pink sneakers!
What is Barbie® doll’s go-to accessory for her voluminous black hair? A scrunchie -- duh! She’s also wearing iconic popcorn earrings and chunky oversized bracelets.
Included are all the movie must-haves: a bucket of popcorn (with a vintage Barbie® logo!), a milkshake crossbody bag, slushie, pretzel, ticket stubs, 3D glasses, and a tray to carry it all
A Superstar face sculpt, retro Barbie® hairbrush and bendable "clicky" knees will make this Barbie Rewind™ doll an instant collector favorite!
With a cassette tape doll stand and VHS-themed packaging, Barbie Rewind™ doll makes a totally rad gift for Barbie® collectors and lovers of all things 80s


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