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Barbie® doll is adopting puppies with the Pup Adoption™ playset. Storytelling pieces let young animal lovers become a new dog owner and care for, nurture and train two adorable puppies. Color-change transformation adds role-play fun to feeding and potty time, and a working pet carrier expands nurturing play. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.
Barbie® Pup Adoption™ playset encourages nurturing play with Barbie® doll, 2 puppies, accessories and color-change transformation.
Fill the bowl with icy cold water and give to the young puppy to see its face become 'dirty' -- use warm water to change it back and repeat over and over!
Give the larger puppy a bottle filled with icy cold water and it pees onto its pee pad, where color-change technology adds another repeat wow moment!
Open the side door to the pet carrier and fit both puppies in to bring them home -- two adoption certificates add to the role-play fun!
Additional accessories include mealtime pieces, a pet bed and a leash to play out walks!
Barbie® doll has knees that bend to allow realistic care and snuggling with her newest family members.
With color-change features and lots of accessories, the puppy adoption playset makes a great gift for kids 3 years and older, especially animal lovers!



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