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This dress-up Barbie® doll offers transformational play from land to sea to air! She comes with multiple fashions and accessories, including a mermaid tail, two skirts, themed headbands and a necklace. The colorful Barbie® fantasy set also includes a baby dragon and unicorn for even more storytelling fun. Doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.
In the fairytale realm of Barbie® playsets, storytelling begins with a fantastical outfit and looks can change with the snap of a finger!
Kids can dress up Barbie® doll in multiple fashions for transformation play. She wears an ombre bodice that pairs with the included mermaid tail, full-length princess skirt and shorter floral skirt.
She loves to complement her pink and purple fantasy hair with accessories! Choose from a dragon headband, unicorn headband, tiara or necklace.
A baby unicorn figure and baby dragon figure add an extra dash of adventure and friendship to this fantasy fashion set.
Kids can get creative and explore imaginative role-play by transforming their Barbie® into a mermaid doll, royal doll and more!
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