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Barbie knows anything is possible, and she’ll try everything! She’s not afraid to take on a challenge and has explored many careers. Young imaginations can discover these professions with her and learn they can be anything, too! Barbie career dolls wear themed outfits and come with an accessory to help enhance storytelling.

From science to the arts, agriculture to athletics and oceans to ice, Barbie doll has done it all. So she knows what it takes to earn the win. Ice skaters need to be fast, flexible and fluid. All it takes is a sense of balance, beautiful grace and an adventurous spirit can help to be the champ!

Barbie ice skater doll will wow audiences wearing a pink ice skating costume with sparkling top and sheer ruffled skirt. White ice skates are perfect for practice or competition, and a silvery trophy (with its own ice skater!) rewards a flawless routine!

Try different careers with Barbie doll. The career dolls spark young imaginations with professional looks, career accessories and so many possibilities. Collect all of the Barbie career dolls to explore more than one profession and all of your dreams because with Barbie, anything is possible​!


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