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Take your battles on the go with the bakugan Baku-Clip! This compact Bakugan accessory is the perfect way to store everything you need to brawl. Featuring color combinations inspired by the Faction Fusions, every Baku-Clip (each sold separately) includes a different fused Bakugan you won’t find anywhere else! Faction Fusion Bakugan combine two factions to create all-new, even more powerful characters for you to collect! These fused Bakugan have colors from both factions for an awesome look. Store three Bakugan and BakuCores inside the case and slide your character and ability cards into the clip on the back. You can even stack two Baku-Clips together! When you’re ready for battle, Bakugan sit in place on top of the Baku-Clip’s lid. Choose your Bakugan and roll it over the metal BakuCore for pop open Baku-Action! Collect all of the Baku-Clips (each sold separately) and get ready for on-the-go battles. The Bakugan Baku-Clip is a great holiday or birthday gift for kids aged 6 and up. Bring your collection anywhere with the Bakugan Baku-Clip!


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