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Sweet Spoonfuls Baby doll provides kids a way to nurture and play by making their baby's pretend food with a pretend blender! When it's time to eat, add the doll food packet and water into the blender. Kids can turn the handle to mix together their baby's meal! After feeding baby with a spoon, give her a bottle - when baby "poops" it's time for a diaper change. With the comb to style baby's hair, and sweet removable outfit, kids can play over and over again! Oh, goodness - baby's hungry! It's time to whip up her favorite meal in a jiff! Kids can choose a packet of the Sweet Spoonful doll's favorite pretend food and add the contents to the blender with water. Just spin the handle to mix her food into a yummy mummy-made meal! Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby doll loves to eat her favorite doll food made by mommy or daddy and drink water from her bottle! When mealtime is over, she "pees" and "poops" in her diaper just like a real baby! After changing her diaper, comb her hair and give baby lots of loving snuggly hugs and kisses.


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